Mandy Moore’s Son Receives a Doll From Her Pop Star Days for Christmas

Mandy didn’t hold back about how she felt after welcoming her son, admitting, “I think as his needs really started to continue to change…I just felt this rush of like, ‘I’m not good enough for him. I don’t know how to be his mom. I know how to feed him, but beyond that, am I suited for this?'”

“I just felt so ineffective, and I would look at my husband who just seemed to have a supernatural ability to take care of Gus,” she continued. “Like, he could make him smile. He could make him laugh. He would get on the floor and roll around with him. And I just felt like whatever I did it just wasn’t right, and I couldn’t get him to sleep, and it made me feel horrible.”

Although Mandy said she’s still “learning,” she also explained that she’s embracing the process.
“I know nothing, but I’m still here putting myself through the paces of just stopping and breathing through it,” she added. “Recognizing that I’m best when I trust my own instincts, remembering that everything is a phase.”