I think Vericel Corp is a buy

Penn National Gaming: “I like Penn National. I liked it low. I liked it high. I think Penn National is a winner. I think that it’s done a lot of good things, and it’s just that gambling has just become a very difficult job. We know those stocks have been in a terrible war, so don’t expect anything near term, but I do like Penn Nat.”

Vericel Corp.: “They actually have revenue. I totally agree with you. I think it’s a buy. They’ve got good technology. It’s the type of stuff that a company is going to want to buy them, so I say stick with it. Maybe even buy some more.”

Plug Power: “Now, the reason why it’s down is because we don’t like the speculative stocks anymore. Once the Fed starts raising rates, I continue to say that to you, you’ve got to make something and sell it at a profit. Right now, Plug Power doesn’t. That said, it a spec on the hydrogen economy, and it is a legitimate hydrogen player.”

BP Midstream Partners: “You take profits on that. You won. You win the lottery on that one. … That was a major home run for you. I want to congratulate you.”

Nextdoor: “You’re right to worry because this company doesn’t make any money, but I would say let’s put some away because the fabulous Sarah Friar is the CEO, and she is a money maker. At [$8.82], I have to say that I would be very happy to pick some stock up in that one.”

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