Get an infrared thermometer for your home for $23 today

infrared thermometer


While most people have a good thermometer in their house for people when there’s an illness in the house, there are a ton of other reasons to want an infrared thermometer. You can confirm the temperature of your oven, check to see if your PC or gaming console is overheating, or even see how well your windows are keeping the cold air in. The coolest thing about a good household infrared thermometer is they don’t cost a ton anymore, and today’s sale on Amazon drops that price even further. 

Ektecity’s infrared thermometer is designed to be a simple point and shoot for diagnosing issues around the house. It’s built to be used at a 5-6 foot distance, which is why it isn’t recommended for use on people. Medical thermometers are designed to be used much closer, which makes them less accurate at a distance and now great for household work. It’s a good idea to own one of each, and since this thermometer is on sale for $23 today you can do so without breaking the bank.