2021: The Year Positivity Reigned Supreme on TV and Streaming

In 2021, the last thing people wanted to watch was a dark TV show.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, viewers were looking for something a bit lighter to binge after turning off their computers and walking the short distance to their couches. I mean, who wants to watch Ellen Pompeo go into a COVID-induced coma on Grey’s Anatomy when you might know someone who is going through the same thing? 

That’s an extreme example, of course, but TV shows and moves are often meant to be an escape from reality. 

So, the return of Ted LassoEmily in Paris and more series were a godsend. Whether it was intentional or not, the cast and crews behind these amazing shows gave us those warm and fuzzy feelings we were missing out on after spending more than a year in quarantine. 

Ted Lasso‘s Hannah Waddingham put it best in an August interview with The Wrap, saying, “We all wish that 2020 as it happened just didn’t happen. But since it did happen that way, and that is when we happened to come out, it’s just like, well, if we were of some help, then happy to have helped.”