Kristin Davis & Cynthia Nixon Talk Parenting IRL and on AJLT

Carrie Bradshaw’s BFFs Miranda and Charlotte were always ready to return to their Sex and the City roots. 

In fact, as Cynthia Nixon exclusively revealed during E! News Daily Pop, her character—the career-driven, cynical, loyal and hilarious Miranda Hobbes—”never left” her.

“She lives within me,” Nixon said, adding that it was “amazing” to revisit Miranda in And Just Like That…, HBO Max’s SATC reboot. “You know, she’s so funny and sardonic. And she’s so brave.”

Nixon was also able to breathe fresh air into the character now that two decades have passed since SATC first premiered, and she’s since become an activist, politician and mother.

“I’m a mother of three, so this is familiar territory for me,” Nixon said, referring to the fact that Miranda is no longer raising a baby, but a full-fledged teenager. “I think that not only for Miranda but for Charlotte too, it’s this moment where your little angel is now an almost fully grown person to contend with who might have very different ideas about themselves that you do.”