7 Burning Questions We Have Before the Yellowjackets Finale

A baby, a murder and a cannibalistic feast—ah, what we have to look forward to in the Yellowjackets finale! 

The bingeworthy Showtime series has taken the Internet by storm thanks to a stellar ensemble cast including Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, Melanie Lynskey and Tawny Cypress as the modern-day adult versions of the show’s teen plane crash survivors. As the series jumps back and forth between the present and 1996, it’s clear that nothing is as it seems.

Spoilers: And as the would-be high school soccer champions try to survive on whatever little they can hunt while getting ready for a freezing-cold winter, a supernatural force seemingly lures them into killing one another for food. 

Throw in a few love triangles, an unexpected pregnancy and a second plane crash, and Yellowjackets team seems utterly hopeless. Yet we know they somehow escape the woods they are cosmically held captive in. But just how do they do that? 

Before the highly anticipated finale airs tonight, Sunday, Jan. 16, it’s only fair to unpack some of the burning questions we need answered. Can a one-hour episode really unveil all the gory supernatural details?!