Christina Ricci’s Husband Chose Their Baby’s Name Without Telling Her

“I just thought [her full name] would be Cleo,” she said, before she jokingly added, “I was like, ‘well, we’ll figure this out later,’ but he figured it out while I was recovering.” 

The Addams Family actress also shared how her 7-year-old son Freddie Heerdegen—who she shares with ex James Heerdegen—has reacted to becoming an older brother.  

“He’s great, he loves being a big brother so much. He kisses her all the time,” she said. “He does not like the lack of sleep and chaos that’s going on in the house, but, you know, he’s being very good.” 

And perhaps will follow in mom’s footsteps. “He wants to be an actor, but I’ve told him that he should spend all this time honing his craft,” Christina, who kicked off her career at age 7, shared, “so then when he’s 18 or 23 or whatever, he’s already spent all of his time getting really good.”