Where Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood Stands With Ex Gary Shirley

There’s nothing quite like a Teen Mom reunion!

Back in November, viewers watched Amber Portwood walk off the MTV show after her ex, Gary Shirley, shared new information about their 12-year-old daughter, Leah, starting therapy. 

The news caught Amber off guard, causing her to leave the taping after explaining that she would have liked a heads up as a parent. 

But as the Teen Mom Family Reunion kicks off Jan. 11 on MTV, fans will watch Amber invite Gary as her plus-one to the gathering in San Diego, Calif., where they’ll spend quality time with cast members from the entire franchise. So how did the getaway go?

“It shouldn’t be surprising. He had the right to be there, you know?” Amber exclusively told E! News. “With me and Gary together, we like to have fun. Half of the time we just talk crap to each other or we get into fights or we are friends with each other. We never know, honestly. It depends on how he wakes up or I wake up—or maybe just how I wake up. I don’t know.”