This Sculpting Body Lotion With 3.8K Sephora “Loves” is 50% Off Today

If you’re on the fence about buying the First Aid Beauty Sculpting Body Lotion, it has 3.8K+ “loves” from Sephora shoppers. Check out these reviews from fans of the product.

“I love how soft this makes my skin feel. I highly recommend this product. It also absorbs quickly,” a Sephora shopper shared.

Another said, “This is a great lotion! I’m always skeptical of these kinds of products because they seem too good to be true, but this one really does work! I use it on my butt, obviously, and it smooths the dimples out and gives it a perk. I’ve also been using it on my chin/neck/décolletage and it makes a visible difference, enough to skip the contour! It’s lightweight as well, but keeps your skin moisturized, a great everyday lotion with a hidden secret.”

A customer wrote, “I really love this moisturizer. Ive been using it nightly for a few weeks now and it has done wonders for my skin. It’s a little thick but it absorbs really well!”

A fan of the product said, “Great lotion. Definitely can use less than your typical body lotion as it applies a bit thicker, but rubs in well and easily. Even though it’s sculpting, I’ve used all over my body and am pleased with the results!”

“This stuff is great! Not only does it moisturize my skin (which has seen a little too much sun lately…), but I can definitely see a difference in firmness. As I get older, this is something that I need more and more and I’m glad I found a great moisturizer to help,” a customer shared in a product review.

A Sephora shopper said, “It is light and made my skin smooth. It definitely made a difference.”

Another person declared, “I love using the Sculpting Body lotion! it really does make my skin more firm! The texture is amazing!”

Someone recommended using this lotion all over, explaining, “Ok I know this is meant to be used on your body but TRUST ME you need to be using this on your face and neck!!! Your face and neck feels tight and smooth. I’ve been getting compliments on my skin tone and texture. I’ve been using this religiously on my face for a week and I can just tell on the way my makeup lays and looks on my face how this is the only new product in my skincare routine.”