Easton Oliverson: Little Leaguer is heading home to Utah to continue recovering from critical skull injury

Since his fall on August 15, Easton has made significant strides in his recovery, including emerging from a medically induced coma and eating without a feeding tube.

Easton will be transferred from the facility in Danville, Pennsylvania, to Salt Lake City, the post said.

“While this is a great step forward, it’s bitter sweet leaving behind the people that have put their heart and souls into Easton’s recovery. THANK YOU to each and every individual at Geisinger Hospital who played a role in taking care of, and saving our boy,” the post said.

The post also expressed gratitude for the doctors who “saved Easton’s life.”

“They have executed each step in Easton’s journey from the first night until now with love, precision, intelligence, and care. We have, and will always have the utmost respect” for the doctors, it said.

After skull surgery, injured Little Leaguer Easton Oliverson is in pain but preparing to transfer back to Utah this week

The update noted that while Easton has made remarkable steps toward recovery, he “still has a long road ahead of him.”

It’s been two weeks since the Little Leaguer underwent critical surgery after his fall at the Little League World Series dormitories in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. On Friday, he underwent an additional surgery to put his skull cap back in. After the procedure, Easton was in pain and his face was swollen, but he was able to snack on one of his favorite foods — nachos — while in recovery, the account said.

To prepare for his return to Utah, Easton has been “receiving physical therapy and working on different skills,” according to the Instagram account.