Does Clayton Want His Exes to Go on Bachelor in Paradise?

We can already hear Wells Adams shaking up some summer cocktails!

Clayton Echard‘s season may have just started, but we’re already day-dreaming about paradise—ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise, that is. In an E! News exclusive interview, Clayton revealed whether or not he would want the contestants from his season to join an upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. And apparently, he would love it. 

“I would be very excited for them to go find love,” the Bachelor said of his eliminated contestants. “I know that a lot of guys off Michelle’s journey are gonna be on [Bachelor in Paradise] as well. There’s so many stand-up guys and girls from both sides of it that I’m like, excited.

He continued, “I know these people now. I want to see who’s gonna end up with who because I think there’s gonna be so much potential for a lot of happy couples to walk out of there.”

Would wE! want our friends dating our exes? Uh, no. But Clayton’s a better person than us.