Sweetgreen rolls out Sweetpass subscription program, eyeing New Year’s

Sweetgreen is rolling out a subscription service pilot in January.

Courtesy: Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is piloting a subscription service this month as New Year’s resolutions get into full swing.

Customers will be able to purchase a “Sweetpass” for $10 online, which will give them a $3 credit on qualifying orders. The pass can be used once per day for the 30 days it’s valid, the company said.

Known for its customized salads, Sweetgreen has leaned heavily into technology, which allows customers to personalize orders and reduce wait times inside its stores. As of the third quarter, the company said it had 1.35 million active customers online and in stores. However, its digital users make 46% more visits per quarter than in-person customers, the company said, and spend 21% more per order.

The Sweetpass will be available from Jan. 3 through Jan. 16 and is valid for 30 days after its purchase, with the pilot program expiring on Tuesday, Feb. 15. The offer is exclusive to delivery, pickup and orders made through the Sweetgreen app and website. It is not available on third-party delivery sites. 

The pilot project is getting teed up at the start of the year when many consumers resolve to start healthier routines. “Sweetpass” could also help engage new members and boost business with loyalty members.

“Customers are obviously excited to eat healthy and start the year with the kind of new habits and routines and things like that. We think that we can play a big piece of that,” said Daniel Shlossman, senior vice president of digital and growth at Sweetgreen.

While loyalty programs are not new to the company, this approach is more customized and less “one size fits all,” according to Shlossman.

“It is everything from targeted and personalized offers to digital challenges to subscription and membership, and how can we potentially play in that space,” Shlossman told CNBC in an interview. “We’re re-envisioning the future of loyalty at Sweetgreen and this is one step in that journey.”

Sweetgreen’s co-founder and CEO, Jonathan Neman, has said the company wants to “build the McDonald’s of our generation.” The company operates more than 140 restaurants across 13 states and Washington, with plans to double its restaurant footprint within the next five years. It went public in November 2021.