Blake Moynes Reflects on 2021 “Lessons” After Katie Thurston Split

“I really don’t think there was any physical cheating there,” he said. “But there’s clearly emotional for it to transition as quickly as it did. I feel stupid and foolish for allowing it to happen, I guess to some degree. And I don’t know if it was partially me too. Was she, in some sense, emotionally cheating to a degree because I wasn’t able to provide something with words of affirmation, which I know I struggle with sometimes? I just have so many things I’m trying to figure out why it went wrong. Why it transitioned so quickly into a new relationship.”

Added Blake, “I didn’t see this coming, you know.”

As for Katie, she addressed the matter in an Instagram video, posted on Dec. 17. “Here’s the thing that people, I think, forget: We’re just normal people trying to live normal lives. And when have you ever had to tell an ex that you’re seeing someone new?” Katie said. “And like, how would you tell them that? And would I still have received the same amount of hate even if I did give Blake a heads up? I don’t know.”