Drew Barrymore Gives Her Honest Take on “Self-Care” in Health Message

Drew Barrymore is focusing on her mental and physical health in the new year—and wants everyone to know that it’s not easy!  

On Tuesday, Dec. 28, the actress and talk-show host, 46, took to Instagram to share that she was embarking on a weeklong wellness challenge to find “balance” within her life. To start off the week off on the right foot, she posted an image of a scale with a flash card above it that read, “say something kind to yourself.”  

In the post’s lengthy caption, Drew explained that she found herself feeling completely “exhausted from work” and in desperate need of a “redo reboot” during some much-needed vacation time.

“I feel bloated from eating like crap. Sleeping too little. Working so much,” she wrote. “I have a week off and I plan to scrape those barnacles!”  

But she also took a moment to acknowledge that the typical idea of “self-care” is not always feasible for people with busy schedules.