NASA Whistleblower Clark McClellan Aerospace Engineer and Naval Intelligence

NASA whistleblower Clark McClellan was Aerospace Engineer and ground testing Astronaut, he began working on the Apollo Moon Landing mission in 1958. He also worked on the [...]

The Truth about Hitler’s WW2

I will start this blog by saying, whatever your belief on this matter, keep a clear mind on what I'm about to tell you. History (His Story) can be altered and manipulated to [...]

Don Phillips US Military Contractor for Lockheed Aircraft Corp.

Donald Phillips U.S Airforce pilot and contractor for Lockheed Aircraft Corp. was a Special Aircraft designer and engineer in electrical aeronautics. He worked on contracts [...]

Sergeant Karl Wolfe US Airforce Whistleblower

Sergeant Karl Wolfe, US Airforce crypto technician was in doing recognizance missions from 1964 to 1968 with a Top Secret Crypto Clearance. He worked on photo graphic spy [...]

Donna Hare NASA Whistleblower Philco Ford Aerospace Contractor

Donna Hare NASA whistleblower worked 19 years for Philco Ford Aerospace, a contractor. Her position was a design illustrator and draftsman from 1967 to 1981. Mrs. Hare [...]

Diane Roark Congressional Intelligence Committee Staffer (NSA) Whistleblower

Diane Roark is a retired Congressional Intelligence Staffer for the House and worked for the US government for 17 years. She has a Ph D  in International Relations from [...]

Boys Town The Children of Sexual Abuse

Boys Town a Catholic Charity and the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union were alleged to have been involved in child abuse, child sex trafficking and the us of children [...]

Codex Alimentarius UN Agenda

Dr. Rima Laibow M.D. is the Medical Director of Natural Solutions. Was married to United States Army Major General Albert Newton Stubblebine III a 32 year veteran. [...]

Flash Back Ex-NSA Whistleblower Exposes Hillary Clinton

NSA whistleblower William Binney exposes the reality about Hillary Clinton's emails and how the NSA if it chose to could make them public.                       [...]

William Binney National Security Agency (NSA) Whistleblower

William Binney was a 36 year U.S. Intelligence NSA veteran, that worked in intelligence analysis, systems analysis and traffic analysis. In the early 90's he created a [...]
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