Dr. Kathleen Fisher DARPA Program Manager

Dr. Kathleen Shanahan Fisher is a computer scientist that specializes in the implementation of programming languages.

She worked for AT&T Labs for several years and was a program manager at DARPA under the High Assurance Systems program from 2011 to 2014. Dr. Fisher gave a presentation in 2012 regarding the vulnerability of our current computerized systems in vehicles, appliances, and other hardware. Access to systems from hackers has never been easier.

She cited research done by UC San Diego on how easy it is to hack into vehicles controlling system. They were able to control the vehicle steering, mileage, breaks, and radio. This report provides evidence it is possible for intelligence agencies or rogue hackers to take control of home appliances, TVs, computers, digital phones, microwaves, power grid, canal systems, communication devices, medical devices and other types of vehicles. An issue alternative media has been discussing for the last 20 years.

While DARPA’s own program manager admits vulnerability, so-called mainstream media calls anyone questioning this a “Conspiracy theorist”.  This brings us back to the Michael Hastings mysterious car crash death. Witnesses stated his Mercedes engine blew up and then hit a tree.

Michael Hastings was a journalist for Buzzfeed and the editor at the Rolling Stone Magazine. He was working on a story that would expose the CIA’s illegal actions in the United States and around the world. “Conspiracy Theorist” believed he was assassinated by way of car hacking.

No one was ever able to explain how he supposedly lost control of his vehicle, his engine mysterious blow-up and he burned up in his car. Prior to his death, Michael Hastings told his friends that his Mercedes had been compromised and asked a neighbor if he could borrow their vehicle, they stated he was really scared and paranoid.


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