Blue Beam Project by NASA

The Blue Beam Project is a NASA program exposed by the late Serge Monast, a Canadian journalist, writer and poet who began investigating the New World Order secret plans in the 1990’s.

Serge was a member of the Social Credit Party of Canada, a conservative populist political party that was created in the 1930’s and dissolved in 1993. He was also the founder of the International Free Press Agency and wrote articles regarding New World Order plans for the world. Monast exposed how NASA and the United Nations were working together with advanced black program technologies to simulate the 2nd coming of Christ.

Monast believed this would allow the shadow elite to fool the citizens of the world and provide them with the necessary break down of religious society in order to implement the New Age Religion. The plan is to have the Anti-Christ at the head of the New World Religion and give him all authority to govern according to it’s doctrine.

So what is the Blue Beam Project?

The Blue Beam Project is a combination of advanced technologies which include satellite systems in outer space and terrestrial technologies like HAARP. The technologies are cable of creating earthquakes, tidal waves, fires and project life like holographic images all over the planet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Each culture is meant to see an image of their god or deity corresponding to their specific religion. With the God voice technology, the unsuspecting masses will be led to believe that they are having direct communication with their god. The so called telepathic communication will be the most convincing part of the event. The God voice technology has been discussed in great length by DARPA scientist. The hive mind technology which also has been made public, will convince the uneducated masses that their version of what they believe is god has arrived .

The broad casting of this godly voice to the masses would subdue the public and allow the implementation of this new system. Now before this so called god’s arrival, a few things must take place.

First: cataclysms such as massive (Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, Floods, Fires, Hurricanes and meteors or fireballs).

Second: World wars, Nuclear wars, Civil wars and constant violence.

Third: And this is the most important of all, the implanting of the RFID Chip into every human around the world. Without the implant of the RFID Chip, Lucifer will not be successful in overriding and gaining full control of the spirit, mind and soul.

The idea (plan) being the RFID chip would eliminate everyone’s free choice (free will) which would provide the Luciferians with ultimate power over the spirit and mind of mankind  through technology. That technology is now capable of thinking on it’s own and we know it as the (AI) artificial intelligence. Humanity would literally be in a real life Matrix situation with an additional program, that being demonic energy traveling through every part of this Matrix. Every thought is compromised and your free will is terminated.

The Elite will use frequency waves directed to RFID chips that will provide you with memories, ideas, images, thoughts, that are remotely transmitted to your conscious mind. Society will be under the hive mind. You will not be able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality nor will you be able to tell the difference between what is truthful or false. Forever being removed from God the creator.

The Illuminati (Luciferians) must announce their intent before completing their rituals. Whether you believe in this or not is no concern to them. They warn you by way of movies, music, art, announcements in the newspaper and during public programs. They discuss it during public conferences, in government documentation, in their written books and personal interviews. The occultist do provide you with a warning of what is ahead and they do not hold back on information concerning the spiritual aspect.

Through films like The Ring, 13 Ghosts, The Omen, Hell Raiser, The Exorcist, Legion, The Prophecy, Flat-liners, they have provided you with the announcement. The physical aspect is shown in films and documentaries like What the Bleep do we Know, The Secrets of Quantum Physics, CERN Documentaries, Scientist Lectures, Resident Evil, Mad-max, Hunger Games, Blade Runner, The Dark Tower, Star-gate, Star Trek, Star Wars, I Robot, AI, Terminator, Lucy ,The Ghost in a shell and so on.

We need to understand that these so called elites (Royals, Billionaires, Trillionaire, Satanist) have access to real history, real archeology, real future technology and have the means to keep all secret information hidden.

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