Super Dual Auroral Radar Network aka (SuperDARN) & Cloud Seeding Technologies

Super Dual Auroral Radar Network aka (SuperDARN) & Cloud Seeding Technologies

We are currently experiencing the most active weather seasons in our lifetime. Extreme Super Hurricanes, Super Typhoons, Super Floods, Massive Earthquakes and Tidal waves. Agencies like DARPA and NASA engaging in weather modification experiments for weapon application. We are faced with a spiritually corrupt Elite that has declared themselves to be Gods and have engaged in a war against creation. How is weather prediction possible, some ask?

Well, it’s very simple really. If you control the technology that is involved in experimenting, manipulating weather and “cataclysmic” events, then it becomes obvious you have the ability to predict weather events. Scientist, politicians and the banking elite actually believe most of humanity is ignorant. They enjoy watching us in despair and confusion. They believe if we are too gullible and believe anything they say without questioning, then we deserve everything we get.

Time to listen and watch, it’s time to pay attention to their lies while they actually tell you the truth. It’s time to accept what’s in front of us in plain sight.

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