Swedish Citizens Now Taking the RFID Chip.





Mainstream Media RFID Chip Implants for Employees

The Global Order better known as the New World Order as it was mentioned by CNN correspondent during the Hurricane Harvey aftermath, is now here. You will be required to take the RFID chip within the next 5 years. Sweden was one of the first to begin this process and now other European nations are to follow by limiting travel on railways if you do not have an RFID chip.

The United States recent Wisconsin Company is providing it’s employees with “Convenience” by allowing volunteers (Employees) to take the RFID chip implant for easy access to the work place. This is not my opinion, this is now in the mainstream media. It’s time to accept the facts.

With the rise of systems like Block Chain technology that categorizes everything into block tracking, Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin that is moving to replace paper currency. We are entering the New World Order system at a faster rate then ever before.  Digital currency will be our down fall eventually. Bitcoin was the test run and now 100’s of cryptocurrencies are popping up in place of paper currency world wide.

Combine these two systems with A.I. Alpha Go, Lee Sedol, Google Deep Mind, privacy will be none existent. Future generations will never know the true meaning of privacy.

Swedish Citizens Now Taking the RFID Chip, Are you Ready?


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  1. Hey PA, what I am finding, is getting to the truth. When a story is presented, the challenge is to question it, and then question it again. With the faith you have, you have the tools to know the truth. Over the years, I developed a way to know people, just for my sense of being. There are 5 people in this world
    1. There are those that know
    2. Those that want to know
    3. Those that don’t know
    4. Those that think they know
    5. Those don’t want to know
    Depending on the subject, 1, 2, and 3 are the ones to know. It helps us, to find our place in this world.
    Do not waste your energy or spirit on 4 and 5. Your instincts will kick when these people are around. These are your Sociapaths, Biggots and narcissists.
    If I am get confused or down, I go to Number 1, Yahweh, God. Having Lord Yeshua helps out too.
    It is good that I came across you. You hear stories from the otherside of the world???, but you need people who are there to know what is.
    I hope we can kick things off in helping to get where we are going?
    Have a good weekend, PA. CHEERS Adam Shalom Yeshua.

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