George Soros Billionaire Investor and NAZI Collaborator

Gyorgy Schwartz aka George Soros was born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary.

Soros is a political activist, investor and philanthropist. He’s known to be the most influential Billionaire in the worlds political stage. What media and politicians usually don’t mention is George Soros dark past during WWII. During Hitler’s reign Soros was involved in collaboration with the NAZI government. Soros and his “Protector” were involved in rounding up Jewish owned property through out Hungary.

Now to be fair, Soros was 14 years old when he joined the NAZI’s. He was in fear for his life because he and his family was Jewish. Many have made the claim that under Hitler’s rule, Soros life was in danger and he did what was needed to be done to survive.

I can understand that Soros was under a life threatening situation considering all the atrocities happening during WWII, but…..

What I find most disturbing about George Soros is the lack of empathy or even sympathy for those suffering under his economic war games. Another disturbing fact is, Soros feels no guilt what so ever for his role in Hitler’s round up of Jews and others during WWII.




During a 60 minutes interview in 1998 , Soros expressed is views and experiences during Hitler’s reign quote

It was “The Happiest time of my Life” and “It was a very positive experience”

He continued making statements like ,

“It was a very Happy making and exhilarating experience”


This has always been his belief and after 50 years since Hitler’s horrors that frame of thought has not changed. During George Soros lifetime, he’s shown a pattern of disregard for the suffering of people, a disregard for a nations sovereignty and indifferent view of the outcome of his actions.

Soros has a Messianic (God) complex, his words and leftist ideology which is interesting considering the fact he uses Capitalistic markets to benefit himself. He enjoys the game of divide and conquer by funding both sides, a playbook we have come to know very well the Hegelian Dialectic.

In 1992 Soros was known as “The man who broke the Bank of England”. By short selling 10 Billion dollars worth of Pound Sterling he broke the bank and with this one move made 1 Billion dollar profit. He has no problems crashing markets around the world for profit, nor does he care about the millions of lives destroyed during those economic crisis. This is not to say Soros is the only investor playing god with the markets, but he is the only one that I’ve seen that publicly and freely speaks about it.

We must keep in mind he enjoys the so called monopoly game and is entertained by funneling money to over 200 organizations around the world involved in starting revolutions and overthrowing governments.

George Soros is only one of many that believe God is those which have the power to manipulate mankind to build up systems and societies and those can destroy it. In conclusion, George Soros is a dangerous man that is capable of anything. I am not shocked at all by the ideology of these people. As they (Elite) say, they are a different breed from us. They take pleasure in crashing markets, they think it’s fun to destroy countries and they have no qualms on funding demonic organizations. This is the evil that exist and the belief that any of these individuals are charitable or philanthropic is a delusion of those that truly have a conscious.

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