FBI Whistleblower Darthard Perry On Minority Communities

Darthard Perry was an FBI operative whistleblower that was involved in what we now know to be Cointelpro. Perry was in Military Intelligence and was recruited through blackmail. This was at the height of the Vietnam War and the heating up of racial unrest and the anti-war movement. Cointelpro was setup to counter the Civil Rights movement by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

Perry was never interested in joining the FBI and was forced to become an informant through corrupt means, which gave him no other choice but to join. Agents pressured him by setting him up and altering his criminal case status. This was a very common practice used by the Intelligence agencies to employ informants.

Perry was trained in surveillance, snooping and tailing. He was also given access to a journalist at the L.A. Times and reporters at NBC. The broad casting network would provide him with video equipment for surveillance and had arrangements between the networks and newspapers. Perry mainly operated in the state of California, cities include Los Angeles, Berkely, San Fransico, Oakland, Sacramento, Santa Cruz and San Bernardino.

On a few occasions, the FBI sent him out to operations in Washington D.C, Chicago, Seattle and New York City.

He recalls knowing of about 700 to 1000 FBI informants working in the State of California during the 60’s and believes that number has gone up. The main target of the intelligence community was minority groups which included Latino, Chinese and African Americans. These groups were considered a threat by the FBI and were being surveilled to monitor possible so called “Connections to Foreign states.” The FBI was just like any other Intelligence Agency, which monitored political officials in the state and federal government, including the president.

That’s a very powerful statement made by Perry. We must remember, this was an interview conducted back in 1980 which is over 35 years. We can now see how our government politicians, including the Judiciary, is being compromised. This is something many of us are not willing to accept or just outright deny the possibility.

Through the 7 years of Perry’s career, he was aware of the agencies front businesses and investments in public trading companies. Our Tax Dollars were used to buy stocks in companies being publicly traded on Wall Street. In other words, we pay taxes so the Intelligence Agencies can investigate and control us, the Citizenry.

The Elites ultimate scam. Everything the government does involve racketeering. They setup the system, they make up the rules and legally steal our tax dollars.

Perry was able to infiltrate the Black Panther Party based out of California and facilitated money, weapons, and explosives with the help of the FBI. He recalls the time when Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt was setup for murder. He explained Pratt was being surveilled 24 hours a day and was nowhere near the incident when it occurred. The FBI knew he had been falsely accused and allowed his incarceration while having evidence he was not the person that had committed the crime.

Geronimo Pratt was a decorated Vietnam Veteran who served two tours during the war. He had received two Bronze medals, two Purple Hearts and was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army. He studied at UCLA prior to joining the Black Panther Party. The Civil Rights movement was considered a threat to the establishment and the status quo. The shadow government was not going to allow any organization to flourish and demand real change. The government controls all opposition and if they are not able to, they infiltrate and destroy it. The main purpose of programs like Cointelpro is to monitor, manipulate and destroy the opposition.

The Church committee was a wash and was complicit in covering up most of the crimes by the FBI. The Tactics used against any activist organization that deals with suppression must be exposed and announced to the world. People of color have been the easy target and over the last 80 years, the intelligence agencies have perfected their program. Cointelpro or the unnamed version is now being used against all people, all tribes in every continent. If we acknowledge the truth of the past, then we are able to recognize and understand our current situation.


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