CIA Whistleblower Michael C. Rupert Former LAPD Detective




Michael C. Rupert was a Former Los Angeles Police Detective who exposed the CIA’s trafficking of drugs into California communities in the 1970s and 80s.At an open meeting with then CIA Director John Deutch in November 15, 1996, Rupert confronted Deutch regarding the operations of flooding minority communities in Southern California.

Michael came from a Military, CIA and Pentagon family. His father was an Air-Force officer and his mother was part of the Army Intelligence, working in Code breaking at the Pentagon. He began his career as an intern for the LAPD Chief in charge. During his internship he was exposed to many Army Intelligence personnel and was aware of Operation Garden Plot.

Operation Garden Plot, also known as the Department of Defense Civil Disturbance Plan, was a US Army plan for responding to domestic civil problems during the 60’s in the United States. This program was under the control of the NORTHCOM which provided military and law enforcement assistance to local and state governments during a civil uprising. This plan was also created to counter the anti-draft movement and the racial unrest during the Vietnam War.

Michael was given a Q Clearance access at the age of 20 years old. For those not aware of what a Q Clearance is, this is a Department of Energy Security clearance that is the equivalence to a United States Department of Defense Top Secret Clearance with Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Access.

He worked in the Organized Crime Division in California. After graduating from UCLA he interviewed with the CIA. During the interview he was briefed on what the job entailed and made a decision not to join what he viewed as a criminal organization. The CIA wanted him to work undercover as an operative at the LAPD. He made a choice to join the academy without joining the CIA. Michael joined the LAPD in 1973 working in the Crenshaw area.

During his career at the LAPD, he met a beautiful woman and fell in love. They married and he later found out his spouse was CIA.She was there to recruit him into joining their operations. She would discuss with him the operations she was involved in all over the United States and the Bahamas. It involved hundreds of kilos of heroin and the smuggling of weapons. Rupert was disturbed and uneasy about what he was being told and wanted nothing to do with any of these operations.

His career as a narcotics detective meant something and believed in his job. After realizing he was not going to join the CIA, his wife disappeared without a trace and not too long after Ruperts mother was visited by Italian mobsters at her real estate office.
Rupert began to receive harassing phone calls, his home was burglarized several times and his gun was stolen during one of the burglaries along with pictures of his wife. After dealing with this for some time he chose to hunt down his wife and being an investigator he was able to find her living in New Orleans. She was running operations smuggling weapons and drugs using drop offs, off the coast by oil rig Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. After witnessing all this for more than a week, Rupert chose to get out of there. He wanted no part of what his wife was involved in.

Michael began to receive death threats and was even shot at. His life was ruined and no matter what he did the CIA and those in the LAPD made sure to make his life a living hell. He was not able to find work and finally he broke down and went into a severe depression. But through all of his troubles, he chose to push through and continue investigating those involved in drug running and smuggling of weapons world wide. He was able to acquire documentation, interview witnesses involved in the CIA operations and met with military personnel that were willing to help get the truth out about our government’s illegal operations.

The United States government has been running drugs and weapons around the world since the 1940’s. The CIA(Deep State) has operatives within local, county, city, state, federal government and in all law enforcement organizations. The criminal system that we are dealing with is so embedded within all aspects of our government, that you have to ask yourself, how do we battle this evil monster?

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