Dr. Steven M. Greer M.D, Founder of the Disclosure Project

Dr. Steven Greer is the Founder of the Disclosure Project, CSETI and the Orion Project. He’s worked with over 20 military and intelligence personnel whistleblowers. He’s spent over 25 years exposing the secret extraterrestrial technology currently in use by our black operations and intelligence agencies. Dr. Greer has briefed government officials around the world on his research and the leaks received through his Disclosure Project network. In May 2001 The Disclosure Project went public at the National Press Club ,with witnesses of the Military, NASA and Intelligence. The weaponization of space was the main goal of the secret projects.

Dr. Greer has written books and produced documentaries exposing the secrecy, suppression and assassinations of those with the courage to come forward. During his investigations, his contacts within the government informed him that many officials, including presidents are on a need to know basis and are usually denied access to these programs. He’s had to deal with death threats from intelligence agencies like the CIA and shadow government. Even after losing close loved ones, due to these threats he has continued his work in exposing the truth.

In 1993 Dr. Greer was asked to meet with Laurance Rockefeller at his ranch where they discussed many topics involving unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrials. Rockefeller became so interested in the topic that he established the UFO Disclosure Initiative to the Clinton White House. During this time Laurance Rockefeller “Requested” all information held by the CIA, US Air Force and other government agencies be declassified and released.

While at the ranch, Rockefeller stated


“The implications of this are so vast and so profound, that no aspect of life on earth will be unchanged by it’s Disclosure.”



This technology has been available for use for more than 60 years and the powers that be will not provide the public access unless they maintain control for the ultimate profit. The greed of these power hungry elite runs so deep and dark, they would never allow the public access to free and easy to use technology. Anyone attempting to provide free distribution access would officially sign their own death warrant. Those who love humanity and have peaceful ideals for the betterment of mankind would be seen as threat and would be eliminated.




To Quote John D. Rockefeller

“Competition is a Sin”

The so called bloodlines believe they are the creators, they are the gods of this world and they have the right to govern over all humanity as they see fit. People like the Rockefellers do not believe in free will for man kind, they believe in world domination. Whether you believe these technologies are inter dimensional or extraterrestrial does not matter, what matters is the deception is already in play. As Wernher Von Braun said, the Alien Invasion will be a total lie. Dr. Greer’s program involves contacting beings or objects through meditation and love vibrations. During these sessions objects of light appear and are documented. On some occasions military jets have attempted to intercept them. These sessions have been recorded on film and available to the public.


Make of it what you will, but these events are occurring and the government constantly threatening the participants. I always question the hidden hand and their fear of exposure. The more we know, the more questions arise. The secrets of the past, the so called “Myths” of the past, the oral traditions and stories describing flying objects and beings which go back thousands of years. I ask myself did the Nazi’s accomplish time travel, were they able to alter our timeline? Is the Mandela Affect theory truth? Have we altered our dimension and our current existence? Could the so called technology seen on Mayan walls, Native American cave drawings and ancient sites around the world, could that be our time jumping vortex into the past?


Many say this is science fiction, I say iPhones, Laptops, Skype was insane and impossible 20 years ago. Flying to the moon, sending satellites into space and flying airplanes would be considered magic 150 years ago. We are facing an up hill battle against the psychopaths controlling our world. They have no empathy, no loyalty to humanity and are willing to murder and destroy anyone challenging their strong hold. It angers me to know those who innovate and create for the service of humanity are eliminated for profit. Competition is not allowed, free access to goods (life) is not allowed and anyone questioning the current system of commodity is a threat to the system. Clean technology, healing technology, advanced travel technology threatens the monopoly men.

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  1. Iv got film of ship so big at night it eclipse the full moon plus light show and photo I had taken UFO making blue cloud when out camping also like to add I’m enlightend 10 years with buddist met dala lama 5 times and a place to investergate is government tetnis shots look what’s in it look hard

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