Air Force Environmental Specialist Whistleblower Kristen Megan Exposes the toxins

Kristen Megan is a former Air Force Environmental Specialist and whistleblower, who exposed the truth about the toxins used by the Air Force and their role in Geo-Engineering.

Megan worked for the Bio-Environmental Engineering department tracking the impact of the Military on the environment. The Bio-Environmental Engineering department tracks four areas which are: Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Protection, Emergency Response and Reducing Health Hazard in the workplace and surrounding areas.

She worked for 9 years at two separate bases and was responsible for reviewing chemical orders for particular processes. In 2006 she began researching so-called “Chem-trails” better known as Geo-Engineering as to debunk the theory floating around the internet. She was in a perfect position to research and possibly debunk the theory since she worked in this part of the industry.

During her investigation, she quickly realized the claims being made online were not false and were very disturbing. Her life completely changed when she reviewed the Air Force Form 3952 which is the Hazardous Material Management document. The orders placed included materials (Toxins) and the quantities that were above lawful levels.

She noticed many of these orders did not show the manufactures names and began questioning the purpose and use of these materials. When she first questioned the uses of these materials she was ignored. This bothered her and she made the decision not to approve the materials for purchase.

Her higher-ups then approached her on the backlog of the approvals, which led her to question this further and caused her transfer to another base. This action by the Air-Force put up a serious red flag for her. At this point, Kristen realized she stumbled upon a subject that the Air-Force did not want anyone to talk about.

The experience troubled Kristen and she could not let this go. Her concern for the possible implications to the environment and civilians led her to conduct the test on air and soil samples.The results were staggering and her decision to question her superiors further was the beginning of the Military harassment towards her.

Her superiors threatened her with mental evaluation, hospital imprisonment (Institutionalization) and threats to her daughters status if this were to happen. After this incident, she made a decision to leave the Air-Force in 2010.

The harassment still continues by the TSA during travel and in obtaining positions in her field. She continues to tell her story and continues to expose Geo-Engineering criminal activity.

Kristen also warns of government paid websites like Metabunk and Contrailscience run by a computer game programmer Mick West, a paid government operative with no environmental background who claims to debunk Geo-Engineering and chemtrail whistleblowers.

There is no denying the extensive military conspiracy against our environment and humanity. If you want more information please review Dr. Ilya Perlingieri works. She was the environmental writer, educator, and author of “The Uterine Crisis”.

Her 15-year Independent research on women’s reproductive illness links to environmental toxins due to pollution and exposing of Geo-Engineering worldwide is must see. She exposes the human pollution impact on the ocean waters and the military’s programs the purposefully destroys our world’s environment.

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