CIA Whistleblower Susan Lindauer on 9/11

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Susan Lindauer CIA whistleblower that exposed the Deep State or Shadow Government along with the Bush Administration involvement in the September 11th Conspiracy. She worked as an US Intelligence asset for the CIA covering the Iraq Embassy and the Libyan Embassy at the United Nations. Susan was not a covert agent but an actual employee working on removing sanctions with the UN. The CIA used her as a back channel to communicate with Libya and Iraq forwarding leaders within these two countries. Her roller coaster ride story begins about a year before the 9/11 events. Susan was working on removing Iraqi sanctions which were at that time in the process of collapse per the international community. She stated the CIA was in panic mode fearing the loss of control over Iraq. They wanted to remain in control through sanctions as a strategic angle in the middle east plan.

The sanctions were killing masses amount of Iraqis and had destroyed most of Iraq’s infrastructure. During November 2000 through December 2001, she worked on a comprehensive peace framework agreement that would have allowed weapons inspections in Bagdad by the FBI which was approved by Saddam Hussein. This agreement would allow the US to investigate terrorism and arrest terrorist in Iraq. Saddam had agreed to provide unlimited supplies of oil to the US along with no bid contracts for US companies to rebuild Iraqi infrastructure that were damaged during the sanctions. This negotiation was the sweetest deal ever for the US government and US corporations. But as we now know, the Bush administration and the deep state had a bigger deal in mind. Full domination of Northern Africa and the Middle East.


The administration was aware of the peace agreement negotiation and were receiving constant updates from Susan through communication with White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Susan’s cousin. Andrew Card was also the Head of the Bush’s White House Iraq Group. She provided Andrew with constant updates and by the end of December 2001 the White House received 11 reports in all. The administration became aware that the International community was about to lift these sanctions against Iraq. Things began to shift when her CIA “Handler” Richard Fuisz told her to forward an urgent message to the Iraqi Embassy. The message she relayed was concerning evidence received by the intelligence agency regarding a conspiracy. This conspiracy would involve hijacked airplanes with the target being the World Trade Center.


The message continued, that if this event takes place and the US government finds out Iraq knew something about it, the US would consider Iraq a threat and go to war against the country. Remember, Susan’s CIA handler had her relay this message back in April of 2001, 5 months before 9/11. Susan went ahead and advised the Iraqi diplomats at the Embassy of what was stated and asked them to notify the US if they receive any intelligence concerning this plot. After notifying the Iraqis she contacted Richard Fuisz and notified him exactly what was said. During the conversation Richard became irate, he was screaming and told her to go back and tell them to give up the information they if not the US would go to war against Iraq. Landauer then realized a decision had been made to go to war against Iraq no matter what back in April 2001.

After 9/11 she was outraged, upset and realized the United States was involved in the terrorist event. They were involved in bringing down the towers and were waiting for any excuse to claim reason for war in the Middle East. It brings me back to Aaron Russo’s conversation with Nick Rockefeller in 99 where Nick stated there would be a major event that would change everything. It would lead to wars in the Middle East concerning terrorism and we would chase a boogie man basically “terrorist” that would never be found and the terrorism war would never be won. This would be for the sole purpose to implement a New World Order and to have everyone implanted with an RFID Chip. He said this event would begin WW3.

I want to remind every one of another whistleblower, Dr. Carol Rosin a NASA Scientist who worked and became really good friends with Dr. Wernher Von Braun in the 70’s. Von Braun told her in the 70’s, the shadow government had a big war plan timeline .

He stated first the government will tell you that Russia is the danger we face , they are a threat with their killer satellite technologies and were planning to invade the United States and take over.

2nd part of the timeline would include terrorism and terrorist and enemy that will never be defeated in the middle east.

3rd part of the timeline was the identification of the so-called “3rd world crazies” or “Rogue Nations” that we would have to defend ourselves from.

4th part of the timeline would concern asteroids. We would need space technology to defend the world from rogue asteroids.

5th and final lie would be the Alien fake invasion where we would need this super space technology to fight the celestial invading army.


Dr. Rosin in 1977 attended a meeting with Wernher Von Braun at the War Room with the shadow government members and NASA officials. In this meeting she remembers them discussing how they were going to create a World War in the Gulf Region. She saw a board with a timeline showing Russia in the 70’s, Terrorism in the 90’s with the Bin laden name, Asteroids, Rogue Nations and the Final part of the timeline was Alien Invasion.

She was confused about this timeline because it showed future events. Von Braun kept on telling her she had to stop the creation of weapons for space and to always remember the Final Card (Alien fake Invasion). He wanted her to expose these lies and to notify the public.


The Illuminati, Shadow Government , Deep State have created every single event in the last 200 years. All events have been staged to seem spontaneous but the war room and war games have been simulated for public consumption for the last century. We are behind the ball in understanding and remaining in the true reality. All things have been manipulated and continue to be manipulated by the elite.

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