Whistleblower Ted Gunderson Special Agent in charge FBI Los Angeles

Theodore Gunderson Former FBI special agent in charge and head of the Los Angeles Division helped expose Satanic Pedophile rings among the worlds Elites. He exposed Military and intelligence agencies connections in running and operating these programs in the United States and abroad. Gunderson also worked out of the Dallas, Memphis and Washington D.C. Divisions and retired in 1979 after 30 years of service. In 1980 Gunderson founded his own private investigation firm in Santa Monica, California where he took on several cases including the Jeffrey R. MacDonald case, a Green Beret Doctor who was accused of killing his pregnant wife and two children.

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During Gunderson’s investigation into the MacDonald case, he found a long list of discrepancies which startled him to the core. Ted found that most of the evidence collected was either with held, altered, or lost. While reviewing the case he found that FBI agents had lied to the courts and the jury during testimony. The most obvious sign of corruption and cover up dealt with the evidence that was found under the finger nails of Jeffrey’s wife Collette MacDonald. This evidence would have proved the killers identities and the innocence of Jeffrey. The evidence was handed over to the chief military investigator and was never seen again.

Gunderson continued his investigation and found one witness and accomplice who was part of the MacDonald murders. Her name was Helena Stoeckley, she confessed Dr. Macdonald was not the person that committed the murders and described her friends name and discription.In her testimony, she confessed her Satanic Coven was involved in the torture and murder of the family. The murders were part of a Satanic Ritual Sacrifice in retaliation against Dr. Jeffrey. Ted soon realized how dark and far reaching this network would run. He discovered the military’s involvement in drug smuggling from South East Asia to the United States and how the drugs were brought in by using dead GIs. They would pack (Dead soldiers) Bodies with drugs and returned them home in body bags.

Helena explained her Satanic Coven was used as drug distributors for the East Coast. She stated Dr. MacDonald was targeted because he was involved in exposing the drug smuggling. The Satanist had decided to teach Jeffrey a lesson and killed his whole family as retaliation. The drug smuggling involved military personnel, intelligence agencies and government officials which would explain the cover up by the FBI and courts. Soon Gunderson would come to understand how the underground. This sick, sadistic, murderous programs that were run and operated by our so called shadow government was alot to handle. This investigation opened Ted’s eyes to the evil corruption in our institutions and led him down the rabbit hole of truth on who runs the world and what we now call the Illuminati or Luciferian conspiracy.

Ted Gunderson was also involved in a second major investigation involving Satanic Ritual child abuse at the McMartin Pre-School in Manhattan Beach, California. This case involved children being sexually abused and prostituted to celebrities and high society members. Gunderson recalls the murder of  Karen Klaas a well off citizen who had been divorced from Bill Medley, a vocalist for the Righteous Brothers. She was one of the parents that dropped off her children to the McMartin Pre-School and who made claims of the sexual abuse occurrence in the school . Her death was a brutal one to say the least. Per Karen’s neighbors law enforcement was notified of an individual that was seen in the home and outside the home before and after her attack. She was raped, beaten, left naked and unconscious. She later died in the hospital from her attack. This case is the most obvious form of cover up being investigated by law enforcement. This incident took place towards the beginning or during the McMartin Pre-school trial. Karen’s husband not too long after “Accidentally” drove off a cliff.

 The children attending the pre-school claimed there were tunnels that went down through a bathroom to a triplex property right next door. The children also stated they would come out of the property and were taken in vehicles to unknown homes where they were sexually abused. Other times they would be taken to an airplane and flown to wooded, mountainous areas where the children would be used in sexual acts with adults. The children recall seeing adults dress in robes with candles all around and chanting . They even witnessed black and brown babies being killed during these rituals. None of the owners of the school or individuals involved were ever prosecuted for these crimes.
Gunderson was able to see and investigate the underground tunnels in the school before being torn down. He found the tunnels the children claimed to have existed. They had been filled in and cemented but it was clear the children were not lying about what they saw. Gunderson also found the site in the mountains where the Satanic Sex Rituals took place. It was a real place that had been abandoned, I’m sure once it was exposed in the courts. Gunderson began working with John Decamp the former Senator of Nebraska and lawyer who exposed the Franklin Cover up. They both began investigating the connections between the intelligence agencies, institutions, high society prominent individuals and their connections to Washington D.C. Elite. These children were used for orgies, Satanic rituals and sacrifices.
One of the teens used as a child for prostitution and then later became part of the procuring “Kidnappers”, confessed being involved in kidnapping the children and luring them in. He explained how the children were used, by whom and for how long. These children were prostituted, used as toys and also sacrificed. This brings into mind the Lolita Express, the Jefferey Esptein Island of child sex slaves. This teen explained those involved included members law enforcement, judges, politicians, celebrities and members of the White house.
Anyone that questions these stories confirming the same players, the same M.O., the same political elite’s involvement is either a part of this evil program or is too scared to face the reality of our so called shadow ruling elite’s history. The Shadow government , The Deep State, The Illuminati better known has Lucifer’s system soldiers, run our everyday world society. Once we face these facts, we will be in a position to expose and defend the victims and prevent future attempts of victimization of the innocent. The truth is being revealed for everyone to see, nothing will remain hidden and the dark will now have no choice but to be brought out into the light.  May all those who have suffered under this evil, rest in peace. And to the survivors, may they have courage to expose those in the shadows that hate innocence and humanity.
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