Whistleblower Businessman Aaron Russo Revisited

Whistleblower Aaron Russo was a Hollywood film maker, producer, director and political activist. He produced films like Trading Places, The Rose, Wise Guys, Mad as Hell and America: Freedom to Fascism. In the late 60’s Russo owned a club in Chicago called the Kinetic Playground who booked acts like The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin and The Who. Russo was part of the Hollywood Elite and high society inner circles. He became very good friends with Nick Rockefeller in the 90’s and became aware of the bankers ultimate plan for the world. Russo was a very smart and creative businessman involved in the entertainment industry and political life.

In the 80’s he began trading in Gold and Silver as part of his investments and soon realized how truly corrupt our system of government is. He became a target of the IRS when this (Private Corporation) began to enforce new laws “Retro-actively”. Basically the IRS was given a pass to  Illegally “Legally” shake down Gold and Silver investors.


Russo breaks down the difference between a Republic governmental system, compared to a Democratic Governmental system. Our founding fathers were aware that a Democracy is a system of mob rule where the 51 percent rule over the 49 percent. In a Republic 1 percent of citizens have equal power to the 99 percent. He breaks down the banking system and the power behind the Federal Reserve which loans us our own money with interest. He explains their philosophy and utter despise of what the call the “Surfs” and gives you an in depth analysis of the state of affairs in the United States and the world.

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In the 90’s Aaron decided to run for Governor of Nevada in his attempt to change the system which he viewed as unfair and corrupt. During his campaign he was approached by Nick Rockefeller and soon became good friends with him and his family. He recalls discussing many things with Nick including the elites plans for the world through the banking system. Rockefeller laid out the bankers Ultimate plans for the world concerning private banks and their system. Russo states during his conversations he was informed the bankers main goals were to implement the “Communist Manifesto” which was created by the bankers for the establishment of their system the One World Government. The Communist Manifesto focuses on Central banks plans to


“Abolish ownership of property”

“Implementation of a heavy income tax for all”

“Abolish everyone’s right of inheritance”

“Confiscation of all property of peoples”

“Centralize all credit under the State through a monopoly”

“Have the State control all means of Communication”

“Have the State control all means of Transportation” (freedom of movement)


This One world system would be controlled by the International bankers at the top of the Pyramid. We can now see this One World system coming into play with the formation of the European Union (already established), the African Union (already established) and the American Union (Attempted by Bush) signed into law but not yet established. Remember, Aaron Russo stated this in the 2000’s. The EU has the Euro Dollar and the American dollar has yet to collapse, but once that happens they would introduce a new currency called the Amero dollar or something like it. I believe with the Trump presidency and the push back during the Obama administration, the bankers plans have shifted.

The plans have been updated to now including the list as (EU) European Union, (AU) African Union, (NAU) North American Union, (SAU) South American Union, (IU) Islamic Union, (AAPU) Austral Asian Pacific Union and (SU) State Union or Soviet Union. My belief is the bankers will need a massive catastrophic event in order to implement this One World or New World Order.


Rockefeller went on to explain that once all these regions are established the bankers would then eliminate physical currencies and outlaw cash as we know it, a process being currently implemented in India through biometrics and finger print scanning for payment. The bankers will require every human being to take a RFID chip in order to live in society. Those that refuse to take the chip will not be able to work, buy products or food making life unlivable. Through the RFID chip the State (Bankers) will have complete control of every single human being on this planet. Russo was not aware or at least did not reveal the darker part of this plan where the elite would decide who lives and dies.

The agenda 2030 where the population would be dramatically reduced to a slave population of 500,000,000 million world wide. Russo goes on to say he was told by Nick Rockefeller that an event would take place that would begin the process of their plan. This would include a terrorist event (which we now know to be 9/11) and It would lead to wars in the middle east which were not needed and that we would be fighting terrorist that don’t really exist.

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