Investment Banker Whistleblower George Green

Illuminati Whistleblower George Green is a former Investment Banker, Real Estate Developer, Securities underwriter and broker who exposed the Luciferian plans to depopulate the world by any means necessary. His family was involved in the meat packing industry and had connections with bankers, senators and military. George was recruited by elite business men to run and restructure companies for additional profits. In other words mergers and acquisitions, eliminate so called waste, better known as (employees).

He would receive a percentage of the profits after restructuring companies and he enjoyed the monopoly game as he called it. He was invited to a meeting in Aspen, Colorado with world leader and during this meeting he was asked if he wanted the job as the Finance Chairman for the United States under the Jimmy Carter administration. Now remember, this was 2 years before Jimmy Carter was “elected”.

Green explained the elite have a specific philosophy and view point towards the public. They believe the public to be worthless, “Expendable Containers”, “Useless Eaters” and currently known today as “Human Resources” or a “Commodity”. He was told Jimmy Carter was going to be the next president of the United states and they needed someone with his talents to become the Finance Chairman. At the time Green wasn’t familiar with Carter and considered himself a Republican and a supporter of the Republican party. During the meeting Paul Adolph Volcker Jr informed him that the world leaders (Illuminati) controlled both parties and to not worry.

Paul Volcker was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve under president Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan from 1979 to 1987. In this meeting Green held conversations with the Prime Minister of Canada and Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy as we all know was the Democratic Senator of Massachusetts and the younger brother of John F. Kennedy. Ted informed Green he would be attending all Democratic functions around the United States, raising money for the Democratic Party. While discussing the requirements of his position with Ted, Green’s daughter walks into the meeting. He recalls Ted Kennedy’s response to his daughter which disturbed him, quote:

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Ted “Wow, I want to go to bed with that”

Green’s response “No Ted you don’t, that’s my daughter and she’s 14 years old”

Ted’s response was “I don’t care”

Green could not believe what he was hearing and got up from his chair and walked over to then Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau, Father of the current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. While in conversation with Pierre Trudeau, Green began to look around the room. It was as if Ted Kennedy’s comment all of a sudden shook his spirit awake. He looked down in front of Trudeau and noticed a box full of white powder (Cocaine) which made him uneasy and bothered him. He decided to go into the back room and saw a bunch of what looked to be a chemistry set.

He asked the house keeper what is all this and she answered , that’s “Free-Bass Equipment” For those who don’t know what Free Bass means, it’s smoking crack cocaine in glass pipes. At that moment Green realized these people are not in their right mind. If world leaders need to resort to snorting Cocaine and smoking Crack Cocaine, then he did not want any part of this inner circle.


Green decided not to take the position and notified the members a few days later. He would soon find out that saying no to the Illuminati is like cutting off your life line. A few days later he was contacted by one of his friend bankers and was told they were calling his loans and he had 30 days to pay them back. The Illuminati’s power is such that every single bank and company Green was in business with was not allowed to engage in any business concerning Green companies or investments. He contacted his friend Richard “Dick” Lamm governor of Colorado to discuss his situation. Dick Lamm told him “Good thing I’ve got my ticket” which confused George.

The Governor explained the elites plans to depopulate the earth. The Plan of 2000, is a plan that was signed into action by Carter during his presidency, which lays out step by step on how they will depopulate the world and what methods will be used. Part of the plan of 2000 was to begin with a war that would start in the middle east by the year 2000 and this war would then spread to the United States which would kill millions of people.

This plan has been updated of course, Agenda 21 comes to mind, Now known as UN Agenda 2030. Green stated the Elite want the worlds population reduction down to 500 million in which 20 million of those individuals that survive would be Americans. He goes on to say the Elite will use biblical prophesy as a cover and will use every possible avenue to accomplish this goal. Possible List of methods are as follows:




Civil Wars

Race Wars

Geo-Engineering (Chem-trails)

Poison water supply (Rivers, Streams and Ocean)

Nuclear War

Meteors (Man made or Natural)

Weather Wars (Man made or Natural)

Biochemical (H1n1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola, HIV AIDS, Cancer and so on) Weaponized diseases

GMO Foods


Those who survive all these methods would then have to face guillotines, a likely possibility. While we fend for ourselves the elite will be hiding out in their luxurious underground cities, with their advanced technology and natural unmodified foods.


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