DARPA Whistleblower Andrew Basiago Lawyer Exposes Project Pegasus

Andrew Basiago is a Washington attorney and writer that was involved in ARPA project Pegasus now known as DARPA as a child during the late 60’s and early 70’s. He was introduced to this project by his father Raymond F. Basiago in 1968 at the age of 6. His father worked for Ralph M. Parson Company as a special projects engineer. Parsons Company provided process engineering, facility design, engineering for military aircraft, missiles and rockets. They also hold contracts for construction, operations of various jet propulsion facilities that include nuclear, chemical and heavy metals. Clients include BP, Exxon, Saudi Arabia and so on. They also work on projects like Titan, Minuteman ICBM bases, NASA, U.S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and many other military and civilian projects.

Raymond and the trainers at the Pegasus project discussed various things with Andrew including where the technology came from and how it was acquired. Tesla had discovered Radiant Energy and developed a teleportation device which was later confiscated along with all his documents by the military secret department. Basiago stated the US military had accomplished practical time travel by 1970 and had developed many different ways to travel through time. He worked with physicist from the Manhattan project on the Pegasus project. Andrew recalls working on two main projects, one in his child hood and another project while a student as an undergraduate at UCLA in the 80’s.

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As a child he recalls his father driving him to a facility called Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical company in Woodbridge, New Jersey. They drove up to the security gate and his father showed his credentials and was led through. They arrived at building 68 where they walked into a room with a technician in front of a key board of some sort. He recalls seeing what looked to be two long speakers,Slim and arched about 8 feet tall. His dad told the technician to turn on the machine and he then saw something between the two speakers which looked like a screen.

It looked like static, watery energy. His father then told him to hold his hand and made Andrew aware they were going to jump through the energy field. He recalls jumping and landing in a blue, white tunnel of light. Similar to vortex tunnel of some sort. He and his father ended up some where in New Mexico.

In his experience, New Mexico was and is like a Military Reservation. The military has many underground bases there, especially in Santa fe. They drove to Los Alamos Laboratory where his father met with Dr. Harold Agnew, a well known physicist and director. Dr Agnew was known for his involvement in observing the Hiroshima bombing mission and the Castle Bravo Nuclear Testing. Dr. Agnew was also a Democratic State Senator for New Mexico and a Scientific Advisor to NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

The most impressive part of this story is that Dr. Agnew worked with Julius Robert Oppenheimer a physicist that worked on the Cockcroft-Walton Generator and Particle Accelerator. Robert Oppenheimer was the so called “Father of the Atomic Bomb” for his role in the Manhattan project. Basiago learned that teleportation had been weaponized during WW2 .

Raymond F. Basiago met with Dr. Agnew in the presence of Andrew in 1968. They discussed jumping from the New Jersey facility amongst other things. He recalls seeing the same machine in New Mexico that he saw in Jersey. He remembers hearing about Nikola Tesla accomplishments and his secret equipment. While in elementary school he was trained for these programs and was involved in many exercises. At one point he asked his father if he was the first boy to jump through time, his father answered no. Raymond went on to explain that the US government in the early parts of the experimentation used children from other countries.

The US Military made agreements with these governments to remove orphans and homeless children that were out in the streets for the use in these black projects. They informed him he was one of 140 children chosen to be trained for these missions. The first kids to be used were from Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and other Latin American countries.


Andrew goes onto talk about the secret military’s jump program to Mars and other projects surrounding the colony there.

Many of these children were hurt but did not die, now I don’t know how true that statement was considering Andrew was a young child and that would have traumatized him at that time.One of his missions was traveling to see Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, which was an eye opening experience. I’m amazed on how deep and dark US projects go. The public has no clue on our technology advancement and our secret accomplishments. We as world citizens have a right to know the truth of these programs.

The intelligence agencies have already indoctrinated us into the Sci-Fi world through films, shows and documentaries. It is time to expose every program that is out there. The elite do not have the right to use these technologies for their benefit and to manipulate the public population.

Questions you must ask, Cern’s connection, AI Hive mind, Matrix connection and the most important and most talked about at this time ,The Mandela Affect.

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