NASA Whistleblower Clark McClellan Aerospace Engineer and Naval Intelligence

NASA whistleblower Clark McClellan was Aerospace Engineer and ground testing Astronaut, he began working on the Apollo Moon Landing mission in 1958. He also worked on the Mercury, Gemini, Skylab, Space Shuttle and Space Station programs.

He was a very good friend of Wernher Von Braun , the Nazi scientist that was brought from Germany under the Project Paper Clip program. Von Braun began the NASA program along with other Nazi scientist under the direction of the United States government.

Von Braun invented the V2 Rocket for Hitler and was under the United States Military control, he developed the Saturn V. McClellan recalls many conversations with Von Braun and other German scientist regarding the Aryan Race, who they were and where they came from. McClellan stated that Von Braun believed that the Germans including himself, came from the Aryan Bloodline.

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Clark described the area in the galaxy where the Aryans resided and how the Germans were receiving technology from the Celestial Aryans. Von Braun and the scientist claimed, the Aryans were helping the Germans because another race residing on earth was being protected and helped by the US government that had plans to rule and enslave the world. McClellan would not say who these people were but we can assume he was speaking of Israel and the Jewish people.

Von Braun described their ships and what they looked like. They were white ,had blue eyes and blonde hair. Now we all know Hitler was not blonde, he was not of German Structure and had mixed blood. Depending on what story you believe.

Clark McClellan went on to say, the New World Order already has a base on the moon and a Colony on Mars. They also have a fleet of International Astronauts called the Astronaut Core. This is something the world governments do not want the citizens of the world to know until due time. Clark was made aware that there are 5 to 6 races inhabiting the earth. Every single race on earth came from other galaxies and are each in their specific continent.

Opinion: I believe again that Von Braun and the Nazi’s communicated with the Fallen Angels through their rituals and conjuring up of entities. They all appeared to have blue eyes, white skin and blonde hair. This can be debated back and forth, depending on your belief. But we must keep in mind, that every Ex-Satanist and Luciferian speak of the fallen angels and their deception upon the world. We always must keep that in mind.

Clark sounds like a man that really looked up to the German scientist and was amazed by what he heard and saw during his career. Whether you believe that we have blood ancestors on other planets or other galaxies. God is the supreme being, the creator and the one who governs all things.The light of the galaxies.

At the time Von Braun was brought over from Germany, he was known to have been working on anti-gravity aircrafts and machines. Clark McClellan was aware the Nazi’s had already occupied Antarctica and had built an underground base. Hitler had and now the NWO has, a fleet of UFO’s or secret aircraft in the underground base the Nazi’s called Shambhala or the Hindu Shambala City. The United States realized the ufo incident over the white house in 1952 was German secret aircraft flying over.

This brings into question what happened during the battle of Los Angeles in 1942 only 10 years prior to the White House.

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