U.B.S Ex-Banker Whistleblower

Bradley C. Birkenfeld is an Author and Ex-U.B.S whistleblower

His book of Lucifer’s Banker breaks down the hidden world of financial banking dirty little secrets

Birkenfeld worked for U.B.S bank of Switzerland. Where he was involved in laundering money for many of the worlds Elite criminal organizations that included terrorist groups and drug cartels. He exposed the Swiss bank secrecy policies and brings into question Hillary Clintons involvement in an International criminal investigation while serving at the Secretary of State.

As a whistleblower he was targeted in an investigation, arrested and convicted for exposing the world elites hidden hand. Lucifers Banker is a must read for anyone interested in learning about the corruption in our banking system. Per Birkenfeld Hillary Clinton did not disclose 75 percent of the accounts, which is an obvious coverup of the U.B.S clients.  I will include link below of his interview with Tom Hartman and more.