Ex-Dutch Banker Whistleblower Ronald Bernard

Ex-Banker Ronald Bernard was interviewed by Irma Schiffers

Bernard was recruited by an elite banker who wanted him to work in the financial exchange market and currencies. He managed assets for the elite of the world, It was a position he was more than happy to fill. The recruiter gave him a fair warning though. In order for him to succeed in this position he must put his morality aside. He was warned that in this position he could not do the work with a clear conscious.

The Ex-Banker felt he would have no problem with morality since he was a selfish man and as a person that had a hard up bringing did not see any issue with immoral activity. But then he was invited to Elite inner circle parties and then the morality issue came to the forefront. This encounter and experience brought him to a place where he had to decide between darkness and light. He was dealing with and interacting with about 8000 of the most powerful people that ran the world. The Top of the Illuminati Pyramid. He found the Luciferian’s amusing and silly until The Event which changed his life .

One day he was invited to participate in sacrifices abroad. This was the moment that shook his is life and spirit to the core.

“That was the breaking point. Children… (Interviewer) You were asked to do that?

Yes, and I couldn’t do that.”

Corruption was no problem for him, fraud was no problem either, but what he experienced at this particular party struck home. That day, he realized that these people that he use to laugh at truly believed in this entity named Lucifer. He began to refuse assignments and no longer participated in these activities. He went all to tell the interviewer, The elite use black mail on everyone, it’s been going on for 1000’s of years. He realized the spiritual world was real, evil was real and the light was real.

For the full interview click on the link below. It’s an unbelievable story and it helps us understand the world events .