Alayne Fleischmann Ex-JP Morgan Securities & Corporate Governance Lawyer, Whistleblower

Alayne Fleischmann Ex-JP Morgan Securities & Corporate Governance Lawyer, Whistleblower


She exposed JP Morgans mortgage backed securities fraud in 2006 that she witnessed while working on mortgage portfolios. During the Obama administration the investigation was delayed until 2014. Her story was just one of the many stories of whistleblowers coming forward during the last economic collapse of 2008.

The Rolling Stone magazine interviewed Fleischmann and told her story regarding the  JP Morgan mortgage Securities fraud . It took more than 6 years for the Obama administration to act. These toxic portfolios (securities) were being sold to pension funds, 401k funds and retirement plans.

We are seeing the same pattern emerge in 2017 as we did in 2007. The mortgage prices are starting to decline, sales are down and homes are staying on the market longer than 6 months. The auto industry is experiencing a drop in prices and large sales events and WallStreet is now at it’s peak. We are getting ready to experience another crash worse than 2008. For those who know how to ride out the wave, you will make out like bandits but for those of us that are little less educated on the ups and downs of markets and cycles will have to adjust quickly.

Corporations will have major layoffs and will restructure for higher profits. You will see more mergers and acquisitions. The monopoly men will be sitting at the top of the crash richer than ever. It’s time for you to plan your strategy by investing in Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, land and property. Just a suggestion, Investing in Multi-family units would be the best. Currently major cities lack enough apartment rentals for the families looking to down size or families that have lost their single family homes.

Time to think outside the box, become an entrepreneur. Invest wisely and good luck.