Deep State and Shadow Government

Lt. Colonel Michael A. Aquino, Ph.D. Psychological Operations.

Michael A. Aquino served in the highest positions of our military government. A known Luciferian Satanist that was involved in programs in the CIA, NSA, Army intelligence dealing with Mind War.

In the 80’s he was on the Geraldo Rivera show claiming to be a Satanist and a high priest. It is public record that Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino was a high priest in the Order of the Temple of Set.

Aquino had great influence and was involved in child trafficking and pedophilia. He was never prosecuted for any of his crimes involving procurement of children for Satanic Ritual abuse and pedophilia.

He co wrote a document “MindWar” which uses the Occult mixed with technology as part of spiritual warfare and psychological warfare. Areas of specialty are

mind control, voice impressions, artificial visions, disruption of brain waves, telepathy, psychic abilities and so forth.

If you have stumbled onto my blog then you have been chosen to go down the rabbit hole. Get ready to experience the Alice in Wonderland affect. A fair warning, the history of our military and the occult truths is not something many people are willing to accept.  Below are links that will help you better understand the war behind the war, the reality behind the Matrix, the unseen world behind the seen world.

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Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino in his Occult attire