Distorted Mind of the Lost Kind

Our minds molded into a mixed soup of confusion. The psychological program has never been so clear. The youth no longer leads, no longer feeds, no longer reads. They follow the path of death and destruction . The psyche gone. One does not crave truth, they only fein for intoxicating feel good lies. Desperate…

Boundless & Trapped 


The youth lives in an invisible prison of dreams. Virtually enhanced by technology. Altering our thought patterns, inserting codes and wave frequencies. Limiting our connection to truth, hypnotizing our youth. Making the matrix more real, eliminating our spiritual field.

Youth, critically injured. The soul left in ruins, children unmasked, hiding behind false past. All seeking love, something divine. Still children, still asleep, still waiting to fly. Is there hope? I ask you, is there hope?

Pressured and cooked, poisoned and duped. Programmed in trance, sexually violated before the time of dance. Mind controlled, corrupted and disrupted. The youth become lovers of chaos. Gods message is blocked, due to the chemical assault.

Fed useless information, Part of the indoctrination. A table of labels, categories of lies. Purposefully confusing, so it becomes impossible to decide. Right, wrong, unknown. Lines, boundaries, limits, conditions and consequences are virtually non existent.

Life, no longer ecstasy, no longer cherished, no longer true. Beauty has died, ugly is worshipped and death has finally come for the youth. The Dead Walking.

  1. Hey Avenger! This is the BLACKboard. I followed you on over from YouTube. Nice site. You shame me; mine should have been finished at least 6 .months ago. Gotta get ‘Er done. Thanks for all you do. May Our Lord keep you from all harm from both the seen and the unseen.

    • Good afternoon BLACKboard. Thank you for your support. If you have anything that you want to featured, I can add a link to my site with a little description to your site or youtube. I will check out your channel.

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